Inauguration of the Technological Accessibility Unit of the Universidad Veracruzana

The rector Martín Aguilar Sánchez and Salvador Otón Tortosa, general coordinator of the Edutech project and professor at the University of Alcalá (UAH), Spain inaugurated the Technological Accessibility Unit in the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics (FEI) of the Universidad Veracruzana (UV).

The FEI is hosting, from today until Friday, June 10, the Third Face-to-Face Meeting of the inter-institutional and international project "Technological assistance to accessibility in virtual higher education-Edutech", which is funded by the Erasmus + platform of the European Union (EU) and has the participation of three European and four Latin American universities.

At the opening ceremony, the rector of the UV, Martín Aguilar Sánchez, pointed out: "We agree with the purpose of offering people with disabilities environments that predispose them to favorable, relevant and meaningful learning."

He expressed the institutional commitment to continue working to meet the objectives set by the project, to which the UV adhered in 2019, and welcomed the representatives of the associated higher education institutions that will participate in the meeting.

"Hand in hand with the Edutech program, we intend to impact the educational situation of our respective local contexts, by beginning to reverse the historical disaffection that our educational systems have shown towards the most vulnerable groups in society," said the Rector.

Regarding the new Technological Accessibility Unit (UAT), he said that "it will be a prominent part of this university policy" and explained that its technological resources were acquired through the Edutech project.

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Accessibility analysis

Global Accessibility Awareness Day GAAD 2022

Analyzing the accessibility of a project is a point of crucial importance to ensure its success, since having the results of an evaluation that determines the level of compliance in this aspect allows work teams to identify the problems to be solved and thus ensure that users live an accessible experience.

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